About Robert Dancer

I have been a Kye fan for many years now. I particularly enjoy the fact that it is possible to build many different types of "machines" or devices out of what are fairly simple units.

I do not particularly enjoy levels where all is required is speed. Instead, I prefer levels where you have to work out what is going on, and then work out a solution on that basis. Certainly, a bit of quick finger-work is occaisionally required, but it is the fast brain work that goes before it that is the most important!

When I am designing a level, the first thing I do is to try and get the concept for that level clear in my head. I then try and work out all the different mechanisms/devices that I need. Only once I have gotten to that point do I start working on it on graph paper, and then I transfer it onto the computer for "polishing". Some levels come fairly quickly (like "Theblob" and "Raytracing"), but others take a lot more time (like "Revenge", "Diamondmine", and the unfinished levels I currently have in my head).